Each of our monoblock wheels is forged from a single billet of aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Monoblock wheels are very strong and yet very light weight. This type of wheel has a neater appearance as, unlike with 2 or 3 piece wheels, there is no visible lip and no visible perimeter bolts/hardware. It is a clean design that emphasises the style of the spokes.

Duo block wheels can be manufactured with a more concave profile than is possible with monoblock construction. It also allows the client to choose different colours for the barrel and the centre of the wheel. The appearance is very similar to that of a monoblock wheel but with exposed perimeter bolts. However, hidden perimeter bolts are available as an option if desired. A duo block wheel has no visible lip. Duo block wheels are manufactured in a very similar way to monoblock wheels except that they are machined out of two separate pieces which are bolted together and sealed.


2 Piece

Like duo block wheels, two piece wheels can be made with a more concave profile than is possible with monoblock wheels. Similarly, it allows a separate colour for the barrel and the centre. Two piece wheels always have a visible lip. 

Two piece wheels are machined as a separate barrel and centre and then bolted together. The lip size and concavity can be made to almost any measurements within the constraints of brake and bodywork clearance. 

Unlike the duo blocks, with a 2 piece wheel we can move the centre’s position inwards or outwards to create a smaller or larger lip size. The perimeter bolts on two piece wheels are normally exposed and therefore visible, though we can make them with hidden bolts if required. Two piece wheels can be manufactured with a flat or step lip.

Three piece wheel construction allows wheels to be custom tailored to specific applications that would not be available otherwise, for example in widebody applications. They can be manufactured with a flat or step lip. The wheels consist of three main pieces – the centre, the outer barrel (lip) and the inner barrel. The barrels are machined from discs of aluminium. These three pieces are bolted together with a series of perimeter bolts and then sealed. This type of construction was developed for racing in the 1970s and has been used on road cars ever since. It is usually the most costly type of wheel construction due to the labour and components used.


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