AMP 8V-3P Flat Lip

2-Piece Wheels


Sizing Availability


18-24 inches


8-13 inches




The AMP 8V utilizes a sharp bifurcated spoke configuration to create a beautiful contrasting design within the smooth outline of the wheel barrel. This wheel harnesses all the beauty of a cut diamond with sharp edges that make the wheel more intricate and beautiful the longer it is gazed upon. These 3 piece custom forged wheels are intricately engineered, light weight and can be configured in either a flat lip or step lip setup. Optional options include chrome, brushed, brushed with clear, high luster polished, painted and milled, painted and machined, brushed with polished windows, color matched paint code, high luster polished with clear or transparent paint, 2-tone finishes, outer lip pinstripe, colored hardware/bolts and backpad pocketing for weight reduction.


Wheel Face Profiles


3-Piece Forged wheels can use many different methods of manufacturing. Centers can be cast in various methods or forged. The rim sections for 3 piece wheels are normally spun from disks of aluminum. Generally, spun rim sections offer the ability to custom-tailor wheels for special applications that would not be available otherwise, for example widebody applications. The rim sections are bolted to the center and normally a sealant is applied in or on the assembly area to seal the wheel. This type of 3-piece construction was originally developed for racing in the early 1970s and has been used on cars ever since. Three piece forged wheels are usually the most expensive wheel construction, mostly due to the assembly labor and components used. The wheels consist of three main pieces; the center, the outer barrel (lip), and the inner barrel. These three parts are held together with a series of perimeter bolts. Silicone RTV is used to seal between the two hoops.