AMP 15T-2P

2-piece Wheels


Sizing Availability


18-22 inches


8-13 inches




The AMP 15T sports a flowing 15 spoke wheel that is elemental and harmonious, utilizing aggressiveness, unconventional design and sheer beauty to create a wheel that is as beautiful in motion as it is sitting still. When applied the AMP 15T enables cars to transcend the concept of being simple machines and become automotive exhibitions of art. These 2 piece custom forged wheels are intricately engineered, light weight and designed with an elegant brushed finishing made available in a variety of color options. Available in 18-22” diameters with variable width options ranging from 8-13”. The 15T series is available in white, black, silver, bronze, grey and grey silver in both matte and gloss finishing options. Optional colors include red, yellow, gold, matte gold, neon pink, neon yellow, neon green, neon orange, candy red, candy yellow, candy green, candy orange, candy blue in addition to over 20,000 Du pont color options to choose from.


Wheel Face Profiles


2- Piece forged wheels are pretty much manufactured the same as the Monoblock forged wheels except that they are mashiened out of 2 separate pieces which are then bolted together. A 2-piece wheel in this configuration pretty much looks like a Monoblock Wheel but with exposed Hardware (showing Bolts) If you do not want the bolts to be seen it is also possible to make them with non exposed hardware so the bolts will not be visible. So there is no lip! Now the question is, why a 2 piece wheel? Mostly because with a 2 piece wheel in some applications you can run a more concave profile. On some applications, not on all applications. Its also easier to have 2 tone finishes.